Writing Domains Grades 3 - 6 Collection

Reading Matters


Writing Domains Grades 3 - 6 Collection

Authors: Lynne Dorfman, Rose Cappelli
Publisher: Various Publishers
Item #: W102

A collection of 17 "Must Have" books with Teacher Resource Guides that includes a variety of genres and books with multicultural appeal.

Teacher Resource Guides define characteristics in each book that provide opportunities to teach all five writing domains.

 Content  l  Organization  l  Focus  l  Style  l  Conventions

This collection has the following titles:

Amber on the Mountain
An Angel for Solomon Singer
Baseball, Snakes, and Summer Squash
Betty Doll
One Giant Leap
One Tiny Turtle
Painting the Wind
Night Flight
Snowflake Bentley
Something Beautiful
Talkin' About Bessie
Hummingbirds:  Tiny but Mighty
The Relatives Came
The Wednesday Surprise
Twilight Comes Twice
Up North at the Cabin

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