Sarabella's Thinking Cap - New

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Sarabella's Thinking Cap - New - Autographed Copy
Author: Judith Byron Schachner
Illustrator: Judy Schachner
Publisher: Dial Books
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 32
Item #: 978-0525429180

From the bestselling creator of Skippyjon Jones, a heartwarming story about the importance of imagination and creativity.

Sarabella is always thinking—conjuring, daydreaming, and creating new worlds from her imagination.  There is so much going on in her head that it can barely be contained. But there are times when daydreaming is decidedly not a good thing—like when you're supposed to be doing multiplication tables. Luckily, Sarabella has an understanding teacher and with his encouragement She comes up with her own idea to show everyone who she is.