Read All About It!

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Read All About It! Great Read-Aloud Stories, Poems, and Newspaper Pieces for Preteens and Teens
Author: Jim Trelease
Pages: 512
Binding: Paperback
Item#: 9780140146554

Turbulent teens who are reluctant readers will change their tune once they hear/read the selections in Jim Trelease's sensational book. It is a cornucopia of riches from every sector of the literary world: novels, short stories, poetry, and newspaper columns. Some are excerpted and others are complete. Jim's introductions are literary works in themselves, well-researched and informative; they are a unifying cord that binds the book as a whole. Whatever happened to Harper Lee? Where was Robert Service when he wrote The Shooting of Dan McGrew ? What part did grandmothers play in the lives of Langston Hughes and Maya Angelou? Read all about it! Read it aloud to your family.