R.A.F.A. School Kits

Reading Matters


R.A.F.A. School Kits
Author: Patti Sollenberger, Ph.D.
Publisher: Reading Matters
Item#: RAFA Kit

This kit includes:
  • R.A.F.A Notebook  
    Reproducible pages including materials to implement a family reading   program, parent tips and workshop ideas for family involvement.
  • 100 Parent Tip Bookmarks
    Provides specific suggestions for ways parents can interact with their child before, during and after reading
  • 100 Parent Guides
    Provides information to help parents support the development of good reading habits.
  • 25 Reading Logs (K & GR1)
       Single sheet for each student to record and evaluate their reading texts
  • 25 Grade 2 - 5 Reader Response Journals
    10 page booklet for each student to respond to their own reading (before, during and after) in a variety of ways.