Leveled Classroom Library Collection

Reading Matters



Leveled Classroom Library Collection
Publisher: Various Publishers
Item #: Lev Coll

A starter kit of fiction and non-fiction books organized along an increasingly challenging continuum of 20 levels, ranging from K to end of grade 2. Books listed at each level have text features appropriate for that particular level. Format of these books support the development of strategic reading.

Level 1
Big Mammals
Can You See Me?
Fruit Salad
I See Colors
I See Shapes
Make a Mask
What is This?
Level 2
Alley Cat
Here's Skipper
I Can Write, Can You?
In the Sky
Things I Can Do
What Can Fly?
What Can Go Fast?
Level 3
My Dog Fuzzy
Run Away Monkey
What Can You Do?
Whose Forest is This?
Working at Home
Level 4
At the Fair
At the Library
Cat and Dog
Mr. Noisy
Old Mother Hubbard
Too Busy
Level 5
Five Little Ducks
Making Pancakes
My New Toolbox
Pete's Ticket
Water, Water Everywhere
Level 6
Boxes, Boxes, Boxes
I Meowed
My Pet
So Sleepy
Taking Pictures
We Can Make Graphs
What Do Animals Do?
Level 7
Crocodile's Smile
Five Little Monsters
Just Like Me
My Little Brother Ben
Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear
We're Just Looking
What's That Noise?
Level 8
Benny's Baby Brother
Eat Your Peas Louise
No, I Won't
Show and Tell
Super Sandwich
This is the Seed
When Animals Sleep
Level 9
Farmer and a Pig, The
Just Like Daddy
Notes to Dad
Nothing in the Mailbox
Paper Bag, The
Play Ball Sherman
Playground Problem Solvers
Level 10
Harry Takes a Bath
Hungry Farmer, The
No Dog Allowed
Three Little Pigs, The
What a School!
What I'd Like to Be
Where Is It?
Level 11
Just Me and My Babysitter
More Spaghetti I Say
Say Goodnight
Sleep Red Ladybug, The
So Many Strawberries
Stubborn Goat, The
That's Not All
Level 12
Crocodile or Alligator?
Day I Had to Play With My Sister
Great Day
Kitty Goes Splash
Mine's the Best
Stubborn Pig, The
Level 13
A Trip into Space
Buzz, Buzz, Buzz
Goha and His Donkey
I Like Me
Katie Did It
Pancakes for Breakfast
Smart Pigs
Level 14
Big Dog, The
Cat With No Tail, The
Come Out and Play Little Mouse
Early One Morning
Orca Whales
Papa Penguin's Surprise
Picture for Harold's Room
Level 15
Hattie and the Fox
Just Grandma and Me
Mrs. Murphy's Cows
Super Duper Sandwich
Level 16
Kiss for Little Bear
My Street
Noisy Nora
Tidy Titch
Walking Home Alone
Level 17
And I Mean It Stanley
Animals Builders
Clifford and the Grouch Neighbor
Fox and the Stork, The
Mouse Tales
Raven's Gifts
Stone Soup
Level 18
A Bee's Home
Animal Reports
If I were Invisible
Moonbeam Cow
Owl At Home
Sam Who Never Forgets
Snowy Day, The
Level 19
Frog and Toad Are Friends
Going Fast
Josefina Story Quilt, The
Red Tailed Hawk, The
Surprise Party
Ugly Duckling, The
When I Get Bigger
Level 20
Abe Lincoln's Hat
George Washington's Mother
Lillian the Librarian
Snap and Trap Plants
Sour Grapes and Other Fables
Whales on the World Wide Web


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