Crowded Ride in the Countryside

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Crowded Ride in the Countryside
Author: Frank Edwards
Illustrator: John Bianchi
Pages: 24
Binding: Paperback
Item #: 9781894323024

A farmer's simple drive to the country fair turns into a chaotic journey as more and more of his animals want to climb aboard. The obliging farmer lets each group of animals join him -- first a single chicken, followed by two sheep, three pigs and four cows -- until his little truck gets stuck at the bottom of a steep hill.

Luckily his passengers are as helpful as he is and everyone gets out to push. The trip ends happily with a spectacular crash into the pie contest tent where everyone eats their fill.

Children love to chant the catchy patterned rhymes ("Farmer, farmer, Going to the fair. Chicken wants a ride. There's room to spare.") and return to the book again and again. John Bianchi's wonky cartoon illustrations keep interest high and provide lots of laughs while effectively developing the theme of sharing.