Alligators All Around

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Alligators All Around
Illustrator: Maurice Sendak
Pages: 32
Binding: Paperback
Item #: 9780064432542

Those alligators really do get around! Whether they're entertaining elephants, making macaroni, having headaches, or throwing tantrums, the rascally reptiles are never napping! Maurice Sendak's alphabet book will have young "readers" reciting their ABC's in no time. The three-color illustrations endear these quite quarrelsome critters to readers' hearts. Mom, Dad, and Junior are brimming with personality; the collective images create a complete picture of the nutty--yet remarkably familiar--household. Somehow, these likable lizards manage to capture the foibles and peculiarities of human nature better than many bipeds ever could. Yet beneath their very vain and sometimes shockingly spoiled surface, the friendly fanged creatures have a charm that no one can resist.