Writing Domains Grades 7 - 9 Collection

Reading Matters


Writing Domains Grades 7 - 9 Collection

Author: Diane Dougherty
Publisher: Various Publishers
Item #: W104

A collection of 15 "Must Have" books with Teacher Resource Guides that includes a variety of genres and books with multicultural appeal.

Teacher Resource Guides define characteristics in each book that provide opportunities to teach all five writing domains.

Content  l  Organization  l  Focus  l  Style  l  Conventions

This collection has the following titles:

Cat Poems
Every Living Thing
Faithful Elephant
Howling Hill
I Am An Artist
Mr. Emerson's Cook
Neil, Buzz, and Mike Go to the Moon
Nothing's the End of the World
Smoky Night
Songs of Myself
The Lotus Seed
The Memory Coat
The Three Questions
The Wall
William Shakespeare and the Globe

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