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Joy of Literacy
An Integrated & Efficient Way To Teach Emergent Readers

Kid Rhymes
An Engaging Series to Teach High Frequency Words and Rhyming Spelling Patterns
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Elementary Parent Involvement

Helping parents support children is a key factor in successful literacy development.  We have selected the best titles from a variety of publishers that provide a wealth of suggestions and practical information for parents and teachers.  The books are easy to read, parent friendly and parent tested.
Parent Resource Library
Elementary Resource Library

Author(s) :
Price :$207.00
We have selected the best titles from a variety of publishers.  The books are easy to read and parent friendly.
This collection includes 100 Parent Guides, 100 Parent Tips Bookmarks and 15 titles.
101 Ways to Help Your Child Learn to Read and Write
Author(s) : Mary Behm, Richard Behm
Price :$6.95
Grades K - 5
A 1999 Parents' Choice Approved Seal Winner! This book provides a terrific collection of practical and enjoyable suggestions for parents to help their children develop reading and writing skills in the home environment at bedtime, while watching TV, in the car on vacation, at the grocery store, or in the kitchen. Parents discover how to incorporate literacy learning into activities any time, anywhere!
176 Ways to Involve Parents, 2nd Edition
Practical Strategies for Partnering With Families

Author(s) : Betty Boult
Price :$25.95
Would you like to see children score significantly higher on reading tests?  Stay in school longer?  Excel in academics?  If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, your're not alone!  These goals, obtainable and achievable, are directly linked to parent involvement.  by taking a committed role in their children's education, parents make a direct, positive impact on academic achievement.  With decades of research to support this claim, 176 Ways to Involve Parents, Second Edition, presents ready to use ideas to fully engage parents in the school community.
An Educator's guide to Family Involvement in Early Literacy PreK-2
Author(s) : Jennifer Prior, Ph.D.
Price :$19.99
Family involvement in the learning process is more complex than helping out in the classroom; it means developing and fostering effective partnerships between teachers and families.  This practical and teacher friendly book offers ready to use tools to develop family involvement.  Every resource is provided electronically so that teachers can customize the materials to better suit the needs of their students and family communities!
Anytime Reading Readiness
Fun and Easy Family Activities That Prepare Your Child to Read

Author(s) : Cathy Miller
Price :$11.95
Your young child gets ready to read every minute of the day by interacting with you, his first and best teacher.  Make the most of those minutes with Anytime Reading Readiness - at home, during chores, or in the car.
Family Math Night
Math Standards in Action

Author(s) : Jennifer Taylor-Cox, Ph.D.
Price :$29.95
With its step-by-step directions and suggestions for both teachers and parents, this book takes the worry out of planning and conducting a Family Math Night at your school. 
Grade 1 Reading Logs
Set of 25

Author(s) :
Price :$5.00
Single sheet for each student to record and evaluate their reading texts
Set of 25
Size: 8.5" x 11"
Hey! Listen to This
Stories to Read Aloud

Author(s) : Jim Trelease
Price :$17.00
The 50 selections, sensibly grouped by subject (real life, fantasy, classics, folktales) and difficulty, range from good to outstanding. Some are complete stories; others are appetite-whetting chapters from novels; all are aimed at K-4. Many pieces come from "old favorites" ( Bambi , Homer Price , Charlotte's Web ), while others have been rescued from undeserved obscurity (including a French gem, "The Magic Thread"). Each carefully chosen piece has also been given a setting that shows it to best advantage. Trelease easily captures the reader's interest, particularly with his engaging introductions but also with the lively note on follow-up reading that rounds out each selection.
Kid Favorites Made Healthy
150 Delicious Recipes Kids Can't Resist!

Author(s) :
Price :$19.95
Better Homes and Gardens, Kid Favorites Made Healthy brings you proof that the meals your kids love don't have to be bad for them.  Prepare their favorite restaurant entrees, snacks, and goodies-all with the peace of mind in knowing nutritious meals are the delicious end result.
Kindergarten Reading Logs
Set of 25

Author(s) :
Price :$5.00
Single sheet for each student to record and evaluate their reading texts.
Set of 25

Size: 8.5" x 11" 
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