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Joy of Literacy
An Integrated & Efficient Way To Teach Emergent Readers

Kid Rhymes
An Engaging Series to Teach High Frequency Words and Rhyming Spelling Patterns
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Reading Recovery

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"Concepts About Print" Texts
Becoming Literate, Revised
The Construction of Inner Control

Author(s) : Marie Clay
Price :$43.75
Grades K - 3
Children are taught about stories, words, letters, and sounds in many different programs in their first years of literacy instruction. In this book Marie Clay argues that underlying the progress of successful children there is another level of competencies being learned. Successful readers show a gradual control over how readers or writers can work with print even though they learn in very different programs. This inner strategic control is what failing readers do not seem to build.
Change Over Time updated revised
In Children's Literacy Development

Author(s) : Marie Clay
Price :$43.75
Grades K - 3
When early literacy interventions work with young, low-achieving children, just why they work is often poorly understood. With Change Over Time, you can join Marie Clay as she takes a step back from the concepts of reading failure, disability, and dyslexia, and considers a new way to view literacy learning difficulties
Concepts About Print
What Have Children Learned About the Way We Print Language?

Author(s) : Marie Clay
Price :$20.00
Grades K - 3
This helpful guide provides information on administering Follow Me, Moon and No Shoes as well as Sand and Stones
Leveled Books, K-8
Matching Texts to Readers for Effective Teaching

Author(s) : Irene Fountas, Gay Su Pinnell
Price :$42.50
Grades K - 8
For ten years and over two classic books, Irene Fountas and Gay Su Pinnell have described how to analyze the characteristics of texts and select just-the-right book to use for guided reading instruction. Now, for the first time, all of their thinking and research has been updated and brought together into Leveled Books (K–8) to form the ultimate guide to choosing and using books from kindergarten through middle school.
Literacy Lessons
Designed for Individuals, Part One: Why? When? and How?

Author(s) : Marie Clay
Price :$21.88
Grades K - 3
This book is remarkable. It's an outstanding guidebook for training teachers. It is rich in presentations of theoretical concepts and clear rationales for early literacy intervention procedures. New procedures and more extended discussions of familiar procedures are carefully presented and clearly linked to research and theory. Familiar research on oral language development and current or newer research related to brain functioning and cognitive development are woven into discussions, and the frequent suggestions of additional reading are extremely helpful.
Literacy Lessons
Designed for Individuals, Part Two: Teaching Procedures

Author(s) : Marie Clay
Price :$42.50
Grades K - 2
Literacy Lessons: Designed for Individuals Part Two is a training manual for practising teachers. Children unable to READ and WRITE can achieve effective performance among their peers in their first or second year in school. Subsequently, in professional development sessions, those teachers will continue to explore many questions raised in the theoretical and research-based explanations provided in this book for each teaching procedure.
Reading Recovery
A Guidebook for Teachers in Training

Author(s) : Marie Clay
Price :$21.50
Grades K - 2
Reading Recovery is a guidebook for training teachers to deliver an early intervention program designed to reduce literacy problems in an education system. Children entering the Reading Recovery program are those from ordinary classes who have the most difficulty in reading and writing after one year at school.
Reading Recovery Starter Set
Author(s) :
Price :$189.00
Save time and piles of paperwork
"I went to Reading Matters needing to create literacy teaching kits.  The staff was wonderful searching across the country for the exact items I needed"
    Dr. Janet Bufalino,
    Literacy Professor at Shippensburg Univerity
Record of Oral Language
New Edition

Author(s) : Marie Clay
Price :$21.25
A Record of Oral Language has been revised and redesigned by Marie Clay for much improved clarity and accessibility.  Clay has long encouraged greater attention to oral language in the classroom and the new editions of these assessments support her point of view with simple means of observing and recording with children say in school.
Running Records for Classroom Teachers
Author(s) : Marie Clay
Price :$18.75
Grades K - 2
What can we notice children doing as they read a simple story? What are they looking at? How do they know when they have lost the message? What do they do about it? Running Records for Classroom Teachers introduces key ideas about using Running records and shows how to take, score, and interpret reliable records.
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