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Joy of Literacy
An Integrated & Efficient Way To Teach Emergent Readers

Kid Rhymes
An Engaging Series to Teach High Frequency Words and Rhyming Spelling Patterns
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A Sound Start
Phonemic Awareness Lessons for Reading Success

Author(s) : Christine McCormick, Rebecca Throneburg, Jean Smitley
Price :$38.00

This book is an ideal resource for any teacher who wants to include explicit phonemic awareness instruction in an early reading program. One easy-to-use 8 1/2" x 11" volume provides three separate sets of phonemic awareness lessons, complete with scripted directions and reproducible learning materials and assessment tools. Incorporating a variety of fun and engaging activities, each set of lessons is field-tested and research-based. Teachers can choose from developmentally sequenced lessons for the whole class and small groups, more intensive lessons for children struggling with phonemic awareness, and class lessons on the consonant phonemes to help children hear and process the sounds of American English. The lesson sets can be used independently or in combination with each other, and can easily be adapted to meet the needs of specific classes.

Breaking the Code
The New Science of Beginning Reading and Writing

Author(s) : Richard Gentry
Price :$30.00
Grades K - 3
If only we could understand that seemingly inexplicable moment when children suddenly "get" reading. Then our instruction could be directed toward creating those specific circumstances which help every student recognize the pattern of meaning behind the marks on a page. Now, thanks to Richard Gentry's Breaking the Code, we can. In his most important book to date, Gentry combines cutting-edge, brain-based research with sound classroom knowledge to explore early literacy
Breakthrough in Beginning Reading and Writing
The New Evidence-Based Approach for Pinpointing Students' Needs and Delivering Targeted Instruction

Author(s) : Richard Gentry
Price :$24.99
Richard Gentry takes the guesswork out of beginning reading and writing instruction with an easy applied approach to step-by-step assessment and matched instruction.  No more hours spent testing isolated skills! 

The book is divided into two parts, and is accompanied by a DVD.
Classrooms That Work
They Can All Read and Write (4th Edition)

Author(s) : Richard Allington, Patricia Cunningham
Price :$36.99
Pat Cunningham’s and Dick Allington’s clear and friendly writing style emphasizes the importance of promoting the integration of phonics and literature-based process writing and reading instruction to enhance ALL students’ learning and reading skills.
Creating Strategic Readers 2nd Edition
Techniques for Developing Competency in Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Fluency, Vocabulary, and Comprehension

Author(s) : Valerie Ellery
Price :$29.95
In her quest to support teachers in teaching reading as a strategic, decision making process and because of her passion for educating the whole child, author Valerie Ellery has updated her bestselling book Creating Strategic Readers to help you meet the challenges of educating your 21st century learners.
Daily Word Ladders
Grades 1 - 2

Author(s) : Timothy Rasinski
Price :$19.99
Grades 1 - 2
150+ Reproducible Word Study Lessons That Help Kids Boost Reading, Vocabulary, Spelling and Phonics Skills!

Students climb to new heights in reading and writing with these fun, engaging, reproducible word-building games! Students read clues on each rung, then change and rearrange letters to create words until they reach the top. All the while, they're analyzing sound-symbol relationships, broadening their vocabulary, and building spelling skills to become better readers.
Daily Word Ladders
Grades 4-6

Author(s) : Timothy Rasinski
Price :$15.99
Grades 4 - 6
Kids climb to new heights in reading and writing with these engaging, reproducible word building games!
Daily Word Ladders
Grades 2-3

Author(s) : Timothy Rasinski
Price :$15.99
Grades 2 - 3
Kids climb to new heights in reading and writing with these engaging, reproducible word building games!
Differentiated Reading Instruction
Strategies for the Primary Grades

Author(s) : Sharon Walpole, Michael McKenna
Price :$26.00
Grades K-3
All teachers recognize the importance of matching literacy instruction to the ability level and needs of each child-but how can this crucial goal actually be accomplished? This indispensable book provides a research-based framework and flexible, highly practical strategies for making differentiated instruction work.
Easy Assessments for Pre-Kindergarten
Author(s) : Laurie Fyke
Price :$21.99
Grade Pre-K
A complete toolkit for assessing children's progress in language arts and math. Simple, ready-to-go evaluation sheets follow a month-by-month learning expectations grid to ensure that all pre-K learning objectives are covered. Support materials include record-keeping forms to keep assessment data organized and send-home learning activities to reinforce targeted skills. For use with Grade PreK.
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