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Worktime Centers

A Differentiated Approach to Centers


Joy of Literacy
An Integrated & Efficient Way To Teach Emergent Readers

Kid Rhymes
An Engaging Series to Teach High Frequency Words and Rhyming Spelling Patterns
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Differentiated Instruction

Creating Inclusive Learning Environments for Young Children
What to Do on Monday Morning

Author(s) : Clarissa Willis
Price :$30.95
Research-based techniques to help all children thrive in early childhood settings!
More and more frequently, early childhood educators teach children with special needs, yet few have the necessary background knowledge and experiences to meet the challenge of teaching in an inclusive classroom.
Differentiated Instruction
Making It Work

Author(s) : Patti Drapeau
Price :$19.99
Grades 3 - 6
A Practical Guide to Planning, Managing, and Implementing Differentiated Instruction to Meet the Needs of All Learners.   How does a teacher meet the needs of all learners amid the realities of day-to-day teaching? Patti Drapeau shows us how in this practical book.
Teaching Guide and Reproducible
Differentiated Instructional Management (K-12)
Work Smarter, Not Harder

Author(s) : Carolyn Chapman, Rita King
Price :$36.95
Grades K-12
 How can teachers create a positive classroom environment that engages students and optimizes learning?  This comprehensive resource presents guidelines and strategies teachers can easily implement to organize, plan, and manage classrooms that are customized for all learners.
Differentiated Literacy Centers
85 + Leveled Activities-With Reproducible Planning Sheets and Student Pages-to Support ....

Author(s) : Margo Southall
Price :$23.99
Grades K - 3
Developing leveled materials and creating an organizational system to manage it all is an immense undertaking. In this comprehensive resource, veteran teacher and staff developer Margo Southall shares management tools along with hundreds of leveled activities that she has fine-tuned over the years. The result is an invaluable collection of research-based activities that enable teachers to match independent practice with students' needs in reading comprehension, fluency, word study, and writing. Moreover, Southall provides a workable framework that makes setting up the centers and tracking student progress simple.
Differentiated Reading Instruction
Strategies for the Primary Grades

Author(s) : Sharon Walpole, Michael McKenna
Price :$26.00
Grades K-3
All teachers recognize the importance of matching literacy instruction to the ability level and needs of each child-but how can this crucial goal actually be accomplished? This indispensable book provides a research-based framework and flexible, highly practical strategies for making differentiated instruction work.
Differentiated Reading Instruction in Grades 4 & 5
Strategies and Resources

Author(s) : Sharon Walpole, Michael McKenna, Zoi Philippakos
Price :$30.00
With a unique focus on grades 4 & 5, this book explains how to design and implement a research-based reading program that helps all students build major literacy skills (word recognition, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension).
Differentiating Instruction in Kindergarten
Planning Tips, Assessment Tools, Management Strategies, Multi-Leveled Centers, and Activities That Reach and Nurture Every Learner

Author(s) : Cindy Middendorf
Price :$17.99
Grade K
Master kindergarten teacher Cindy Middendorf shares her strategies for creating a nurturing, choice-based learning environment where all learners thrive. Packed with research-based tips, model lessons, photos, and student samples, this guide shows how to teach the kindergarten curriculum in a way that engages varied learning styles and taps multiple intelligences. Middendorf also shares expert advice on how to establish an effective classroom management system that supports differentiated learning. For use with Grade K.
Do-Able Differentiation
Varying Groups, Texts, and Supports to Reach Readers

Author(s) : Michael Opitz, Michael Ford
Price :$26.25
Lots of books claim to make differentiated instruction possible in any classroom. Do-able Differentiation makes it practical for your classroom. And helps you meet the needs of your students. Instead of time-consuming jargon, Do-able Differentiation spells out teaching strategies that support the biggest classes, work with the busiest curriculums, and bring the best out in all students.
Do-able Differentiation puts proven thinking and practices for differentiation into your hands. Michael Opitz and Michael Ford (Reaching Readers and Books & Beyond) present four foundational models for reaching all readers.
Essential Readings on Struggling Learners
Author(s) : Richard Allington
Price :$24.95
With this collection of articles, distinguished educator Richard Allington offers suggestions for providing struggling readers with the instruction they need to succeed.
Evidence-Based Reading Practices for Response to Intervention
Author(s) : Diane Haager, Janette Klingner, Sharon Vaughn
Price :$36.95
In this must-read volume, some of the biggest names in reading research share what they know about today's hottest topic in educationResponse to Intervention (RTI), the key to helping struggling students before they fall behind. More than 30 expert contributors reveal what the latest research says about RTI's Three-Tier Aproach: the core reading program for all students, supplementary instruction for children with early reading difficulties, and intensive intervention for children who still struggle.
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