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Joy of Literacy
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Kid Rhymes
An Engaging Series to Teach High Frequency Words and Rhyming Spelling Patterns
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Fun Books for Fluency Pratice 
A Writing Kind Of Day
Poems for Young Poets

Author(s) : Ralph Fletcher
Illustrator(s) : April Ward
Price :$9.95
This is the beginning of a poem about making a snow angel, but it might also refer to the mysterious way that a person comes into being and takes on a life of its own. In his new collection, Ralph Fletcher shows how you can write a poem about almost anything: a baby sister, a Venus's-flytrap, a failing grandmother, a squished squirrel, romantic disasters, grammar homework, and more....
Another Jar of Tiny Stars
Poems by Ncte Award-Winning Poets

Author(s) : Bernice Cullinan
Illustrator(s) : Marc Nadel
Price :$19.95
In this lively, luminous anthology, Dr. Bernice Cullinan has gathered poems by winners of the National Council of Teachers of English Award for Excellence in Poetry for Children.
Big Talk
Poems for Four Voices

Author(s) : Paul Fleischman
Illustrator(s) : Beppe Giacobbe
Price :$18.99
Two's company . . . four's a blast! Especially when you're joining voices with family or friends. Around the kitchen table, on the front steps, or in the classroom, these rousing, rib-tickling, delicious poems will fill you full of the joy of reading aloud.
Dog Ate My Homework, The
Author(s) : Sara Holbrook
Price :$8.95
This collection of poetry reveals thoughts that run through every student's mind, while reflecting the let-downs, frustrations, and excitement of school.
Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus
Author(s) : Mo Williems
Price :$14.99
Youngsters will see themselves in the calm, shrewd duckling that knows just how to get his way.
Don't Read This Book Whatever You Do
More Poems About School

Author(s) : Kalli Dakos
Illustrator(s) : G. Brian Karas
Price :$4.99
Poems reflect life in lively classrooms and are based on the author's experiences as an elementary school teacher.
Farmer's Garden
Rhymes for Two Voices

Author(s) : David Harrison
Illustrator(s) : Arden Johnson-Petrov
Price :$9.95
Children will marvel, too, at David L. Harrison’s charming rhymes for two voices that are perfect for children’s participation.
I Am Phoenix
Poems for Two Voices

Author(s) : Paul Fleischman
Illustrator(s) : Ken Nutt
Price :$5.99
Paul Fleischman celebrates the sound, the sense, the essence of birds. Written to be spoken aloud by two voices, sometimes alternating, sometimes simultaneous, these poems perfectly capture the beauty of birds in their singing, soaring, and rejoicing.
I Am the Dog I Am the Cat
Author(s) : Donald Hall
Price :$16.99
Distinguished poet Donald Hall and award-winning artist Barry Moser have teamed up to create a hilarious, affectionate portrait in contrasts of our companions, and often best friends, a cat and a dog. With evocative words and masterful paintings, they delineate the doginess and catlike qualities that everyone will recognize. Full-color illustrations.
I Never Said I Wasn't Difficult
Author(s) : Sara Holbrook
Price :$8.95
I Never Said I Wasn't Difficult is a collection of poetry that zeroes in on the rollercoaster ride of emotions surrounding the growing-up years, from pain, depression, and anger, to love, acceptance, and understanding.
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