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Joy of Literacy
An Integrated & Efficient Way To Teach Emergent Readers

Kid Rhymes
An Engaging Series to Teach High Frequency Words and Rhyming Spelling Patterns
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Books That Don't Bore 'Em
Young Adult Books That Speak to This Generation

Author(s) : James Blasingame
Price :$27.99
Grades 5 and Up
Young adult literature can have a powerful impact on students’ reading and intellectual development. In this book, young adult literature expert Jim Blasingame helps teachers understand the power and purpose of young adult literature. He also presents instructional strategies proven to facilitate students’ interactions with texts—and promote higher order thinking skills. He includes many annotated lists—organized by theme, topic, genre, reading level, and more—of the best young adult books as well as fascinating interviews with 30 of today’s most popular YA authors. For use with Grades 5 & Up.
Children Tell Stories
Teaching and Using Storytelling in the Classroom 2nd Edition

Author(s) : Martha Hamilton, Mitch Weiss
Price :$29.95
Grades K - 8
All teachers want their students to have a high-quality oral language and speaking skills; integrating storytelling in the K-8 curriculum is a powerful way to help students develop these vial proficiencies.  The resource includes step-by-step directions and activities for implementing storytelling in any classroom, and it explains how storytelling can also improve reading and writing skills.
Effective Read-Alouds for Early Literacy
A Teacher's Guide for PreK-1

Author(s) : Katherine A. Beauchat, Katrin L. Blamey, Zoi A. Philippakos
Price :$23.47
This engaging guide provides effective strategies for selecting books and using read-alouds to develop children's oral language, vocabulary, concepts of print, alphabet knowledge, phonological awareness, and comprehension. 
Improving Adolescent Literacy
Content Area Strategies at Work (2nd Edition)

Author(s) : Douglas Fisher, Nancy Frey
Price :$27.99

This book helps teachers to infuse literacy instruction into all content areas. The authors present a rich panoply of engaging instructional strategies that research has shown to be effective for improving reading and writing in middle and secondary school students.

After discussing common questions asked by content area teachers, a full chapter is devoted to each of eight strategies–anticipatory activities, read-alouds/shared reading, questioning, notetaking/notemaking, graphic organizers, vocabulary instruction, writing to learn, and reciprocal teaching–coupling discussions with examples from the author's own research in a diverse, urban secondary school. 
Learning Under the Influence of Language and Literature
Making the Most of Read-Alouds Across the Day

Author(s) : Lester Laminack, Reba Wadsworth
Price :$33.75
Grades K - 6
Whether you read aloud once a day, or six times a day, Laminack and Wadsworth give you all the strategies you need to make the read-aloud a successful and effective way to lead your students to new understandings. You'll discover how, why, and when to read aloud, and find both specific suggestions for planning instruction around it and numerous ideas for entry points into it.
Literacy and the Youngest Learner
Best Practices for Educators of Children from Birth to 5

Author(s) : Nell Duke
Price :$21.99
Ages Birth to 5
Research shows that literacy -- the ability to read, write, listen and speak -- begins developing long before children enter elementary school. From there, it focuses on enjoyable and effective ways to build essential skills, such as oral language and phonemic awareness, and how to create dramatic play areas, books nooks, writing centers, and other literacy-rich spaces.
Literature Is Back!
Using the Best Books for Teaching Readers and Writers Across Genres

Author(s) : Carol Fuhler, Maria Walther
Price :$29.99
Grades 1 - 5
Organized by genre (picture books, traditional literature, modern fantasy, historical fiction, realistic fiction, poetry, and nonfiction), this book places quality children's literature at the heart of literacy teaching. The authors define each genre and its values for use with students; identify exemplary texts; and provide practical, engaging research-based lessons that teach specific literacy strategies and skills to both primary and intermediate grade students.
Make It Real
Strategies for Success with Informational Texts

Author(s) : Linda Hoyt
Price :$36.88
Grades K - 5
Feeding students a steady diet of fiction is all too common in the classroom. Yet informational literacy is critical to success in school and beyond. In Make It Real, Linda Hoyt provides a practical, classroom-friendly guide to unlocking the treasures of informational text. What's more, she demonstrates that reading and writing nonfiction can overcome the gender gap, allowing girls and boys to share interests in any subject from bugs and magnets to gardens and cake baking.
Making Sense of History
Using High-Quality Literature and Hands-On Experiences to Build Content Knowledge

Author(s) : Myra Zarnowski
Price :$21.99
For teachers interested in building reading skills and content knowledge simultaneously, this book is for them. Myra Zarnowski breaks the mold on traditional instruction by providing guidelines for building students’ understanding of and excitement for history. She demonstrates how to use high-quality literature and hands-on experiences to help students not only grasp the facts, but make sense of the facts. Loaded with book lists, step-by-step study units, and the work of real students, this book is just what teachers need to get students thinking, learning, and caring about the people and events of the past. For use with Grades 3 & Up.
Read-Aloud Anthology
35 Short, Riveting Read Alouds

Author(s) : Janet Allen, Patrick Daley
Price :$18.99
Grades 5 - 12
You'll reach for this collection of kid-pleasing read alouds again and again. Each short selection will grab kids' attentions, build vocabulary, as well as comprehension, listening, and high-level thinking skills. They are also a great way to introduce kids to genres such as poetry, short story, speeches, expository writing, and more. All have been carefully selected by noted author and educator Janet Allen.
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