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Joy of Literacy
An Integrated & Efficient Way To Teach Emergent Readers

Kid Rhymes
An Engaging Series to Teach High Frequency Words and Rhyming Spelling Patterns
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Early Education Parent Involvement

Helping parents support children is a key factor in successful literacy development.  We have selected the best titles from a variety of publishers that provide a wealth of suggestions and practical information for parents and teachers.  The books are easy to read, parent friendly and parent tested.
101 Ways to Help Your Child Learn to Read and Write
Author(s) : Mary Behm, Richard Behm
Price :$6.95
Grades K - 5
A 1999 Parents' Choice Approved Seal Winner! This book provides a terrific collection of practical and enjoyable suggestions for parents to help their children develop reading and writing skills in the home environment at bedtime, while watching TV, in the car on vacation, at the grocery store, or in the kitchen. Parents discover how to incorporate literacy learning into activities any time, anywhere!
An Educator's guide to Family Involvement in Early Literacy PreK-2
Author(s) : Jennifer Prior, Ph.D.
Price :$19.99
Family involvement in the learning process is more complex than helping out in the classroom; it means developing and fostering effective partnerships between teachers and families.  This practical and teacher friendly book offers ready to use tools to develop family involvement.  Every resource is provided electronically so that teachers can customize the materials to better suit the needs of their students and family communities!
Beyond Bedtime Stories
A Parent's Guide to Promoting Reading, Writing, and Other Literacy Skills from Birth to 5

Author(s) : Susan Bennett-Armistead, Nell Duke, Annie Moses
Price :$23.99
While most parents understand the importance of promoting literacy in their young children, they often aren't sure how to do it. This book provides guidance. Taking a ""literacy-throughout-the-day"" approach, the authors organize the book around spaces in the home-the kitchen, bedroom, living room, and so forth-and suggest fun, stimulating activities for building children's reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills in those spaces. Filled with tips, photos, milestones to watch for, and great ideas to try today, Beyond Bedtime Stories is essential reading.
Read to Me
Author(s) : Judi Moreillon
Price :$6.95
Toddlers love to be read to and will enjoy this book of poetry. The theme of the book emphasizes the importance of reading to the child no matter where you are or what time of day. Simple rhymes promote reading and spending time with the child. This book allows the reader and parent to bond through reading and looking at the pictures. The author's simple statement, "read to me and watch me grow," says it all. Toddlers will also enjoy the brightly drawn illustrations.
Reading Magic
Why Reading Aloud to Our Children Will Change Their Lives Forever

Author(s) : Mem Fox
Price :$12.00
All parents want and expect their children to learn to read, but few realize they can get their kids on the road to reading long before they start school simply by reading aloud to them every day. With passion and humor, acclaimed author and internationally respected literacy expert Mem Fox tells readers how she herself became aware of the astonishing effects that reading aloud and bonding through books have on very young children.
Starting Out Right
A Guide to Promoting Children's Reading Success

Author(s) : Susan Burns
Price :$14.95
This book identifies the most important questions and explores the authoritative answers on the topic of how children can grow into readers, including:  What are the key elements all children need in order to become good readers?  What can parents and caregivers provide all children so that they are prepared for reading instruction by the time that they get to school?  What concepts about language and literacy should be included in beginning reading instruction?
Writing Journals (K-2)
Author(s) :
Price :$69.95
Blank Wriring Journal with ideas and Parent Resource Guide to support young writers
Set of 25 each
Writing with Families
Author(s) : Arthur Kelly
Price :$17.95
Writing with Families is a step-by-step guide to building and leading a successful Family Scribe Group in your school. Family Writing Projects Creator Arthur Kelly shows teachers, administrators, and others who work with families how to foster community among students, schools, and parents by creating meaningful writing opportunities. And he should know he started the first Family Scribe Group at a diverse, mobile middle school in urban Las Vegas, where it continues to thrive and change the lives of all involved. One of the benefits of these groups is that they can and do work anywhere. Family Scribe Groups provide the time, space, and opportunity for parents to be directly involved in their children s learning.
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